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Last week I had the opportunity to spend time with our friends in Romania.  We spent most of our time doing a training trip to prepare for the coming summer of ministry.  Unfortunately, we were forced off the trail early because of a fierce wind storm and a ripped tent. The wind started blowing about 1 am on the third night and my friend Cosmin and I learned how to sleep upright while holding a tent pole.  I can remember laughing to my self during the middle of the night as I looked over at Cosmin.  He was standing upright, fully zipped up in his mummy bag, holding the pole with his eyes closed, it was proof that humans can sleep standing up.

Besides the wind storm and the ripped tent we had a terrific time.  I was inspired by these guys as they told us stories of lives changed with their ministry in previous summers and I was encouraged to hear how they looked forward to this coming year of ministry.  I was especially encouraged by stories from a few trips that came from the Deborah House.  The Deborah House is a home for abused girls in Romania and the vulnerability and transformation in these girls lives while on the trail was truly incredible.

Way to go you guys, thank you for letting us be a part of what you are doing.  You are making a difference in Romania, keep on fighting for those young people!