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For over five years my good friend Hom has had a dream of a trekking company in Nepal that might support his ongoing youth work.  This month that dream finally came true with the birth of Nepal Outdoor Adventures (NOA).  I have been working together with Hom for the past several years to make this dream a reality.  Last year I went to Nepal with a group of friends with the vision of bootstrapping this company. We made significant progress and it was a great trip.  This time around we were able to finish the job completely.  Hom told me that he was so thankful to God for the completion of this company.  Five years has been a long time for Hom to wait but God is faithful and fulfilled the vision that he gave Hom. It has been a privilege for me to walk alongside Hom in this process and learn about building a small company in another country.

It has also been a privilege for me to bring along some friends from the US (two years in a row now!) to meet the Nepali people I so dearly love.  Not only was visiting Annapurna Base Camp an incredible experience but seeing the faith lived out by our Nepali friends was definitely life changing.  Everyone who joined this trip agreed that it was something that they will never forget.

Our journey began in Denver, CO.  Five flights and 40 hours later we finally reached Pokhara, Nepal.  After resting a bit and seeing the local town we headed to the base of the Himalayas to start our trek.  Our guides took us on the classic Base Camp route in the Annapurna Sanctuary region.  The days were hard, there is no doubt, but were blessed with some of the most incredible scenery that this planet has to offer.  Along the way we enjoyed many cups of Du Chia (buffalo milk tea) and many plates of Dal Bhat (lentils and rice).  We shared stories, devotionals and laughed a ton.

The main aim of NOA is to provide financial stability for youth workers desiring to share the Gospel in Nepal.  For every 10 trekkers that use NOA, the revenues from the trips will provide enough resources to employ one full time youth worker for a year.  Hom told me that his heart is to support youth workers, Nepal Young Life Ministries and church planting in Nepal.  What an awesome vision!  I am excited to keep working with Hom as we build this company in Nepal.  I have high hopes that God will indeed use it to further the Gospel among young people in Nepal.