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At the beginning of every summer season we do a guide training trip to prepare all our guides for a summer of being on the trail.  We practice and train on all the technical skills of guiding and all the soft skills of ministry on the trail.  Not only is this week full of good technical and ministerial information, it is also an amazing time of transformation.

In my training group we had three churches represent from three different parts of the state.  These amazing guides wasted no time getting real with the struggles in their own lives.  As they wrestled and shared their struggles they quickly embraced the Gospel through community, scripture, contemplation and solitude.

This summer for WMI Colorado there are 16 guides from several different churches guiding 12 different trips over the course of 10 weeks.  That adds up to close to 150 middle school, high school and college students encountering Christ in the wilderness this summer.  Not too bad for our second year of ministry!

Josh and Shawna Mayhew, a couple from Colorado Springs, have a vision to start guiding married couples into the wilderness.  Between their testimony and the power of the trail, I think there will a lot of a marriages transformed in the next few years.  It’s incredible to see how God uses wilderness ministry.

This trip was unique because of the diversity and vulnerability of our crew.   Everyone was from different cities, different places in life, and different denominations.  For me this trip was a taste of the coming kingdom as our small group of people became a community of transparency and love…it will be exciting to see that overflow into ministry this summer.