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Last week Bill and I had the privileged of visiting with Young Life Philippines. It was such a pleasure to be with these energetic leaders for a whole week. Many people don’t know this, but Young Life is alive and well in the Philippines. There are 14 staff, over 80 volunteers and 10 clubs throughout the islands reaching thousands of kids each month. Young Life has existed in the Philippines for somewhere around 40 years. Pretty incredible, huh! I was so encouraged to see the passion and dedication these leaders had for reaching out to young people who don’t know Jesus Christ. You guys are rocking it, keep on going!

Our purpose there was working with something we call the Asian Institute of Youth Ministry (AIYM). We are in the beginning stages of developing this ministry. It is our own version of a traveling seminary. Nexus has committed to doing four sessions in the Philippines over a two year period. There is a session every six months and each session consists of two courses. The session that Bill and I just finished was session 2 out of 4. We’re half way there! Bill taught on spiritual development using “The Way of Ascetics” by Tito Colliander and I did an introduction to ecclesiology course.

As we wrapped up our courses we received a lot of great feedback. The general consensus was a gratefulness for a deeper theological understanding that will enhance their ministry. They also told us how encouraged they were that we would invest in them and their ministry at this level. We were told that no one has brought this level of training to them yet. Well, we believe in you guys and what you are doing, anything we can do to help you bring the Kingdom to young people is what we are all about!